1) Contract law:

From a handwritten contract drafted on a restaurant napkin to ones using basic AIA and EJCDC provisions for a stadium expansion, Mr. Sturgess has extensive experience resolving disputed contract issues from formation to interpretation, enforcement, rescission, performance and remedies for a breach. His experience both drafting contracts and resolving contract issues extends from business agreements to those related to HOAs, employment, insurance policies, partnerships, adhesion, leases, offers, services, sales, construction, joint venture, manufacturing, non-compete, and even verbal contracts.  Mr. Sturgess is an author and industry leader on the issues related to contractual damages.  In particular, he was first to publish on the issue of damages for the 'loss of chance' and 'loss of opportunity' in Florida.  His writings in this area were presented at the Sixth International Conference on Forensic Statistics in Tempe, Arizona, by Professors Stephen Fienberg of Carnegie-Mellon University and Dr. Duane Steffey, Managing Scientist, Exponent, Inc.

2) Injury and Insurance Disputes:

Virtually any property or personal injury that involves insurance coverage was the focus of Mr. Sturgess’ law practice for decades, sometimes sitting at the table advocating for the insured defendant, and other times across the table advocating for the plaintiff or claimant. These experiences enable Mr. Sturgess to understand and empathize with all sides while remaining completely neutral.  Mr. Sturgess personally handled a two week federal court trial on behalf of a plaintiff suing for the mishandling of hundreds of claims files.  He also spent many years representing Insureds as defendants in over a hundred other claim files.   As a lecturer to adjusters on the subject of 'lack of good faith' claims handling, Mr. Sturgess is keenly aware of the issues and emotions that become a part of almost every injury lawsuit or  dispute.  In the face of every kind of obstacle -- from money to grief to high conflict people -- there is almost always a resolution to be found that is better than other alternatives, such as the risks of trial.


Specific types of Disputes

In addition to any form of contract dispute (listed above), the specific types of injury, civil and tort disputes resolved by Mr. Sturgess include:

  • Negligence in service, construction, production and related industries
  • Personal injury (including catastrophic)
  • Motor Vehicle incidents (multiple parties or defendants)
  • Homeowners' Associations (presuit)
  • Premises liability (governmental and private)
  • Governmental and Law Enforcement liability
  • Professional negligence (other than medical malpractice)
  • Commercial and business litigation
  • Employee / employer
  • Insurance coverage
  • Bad Faith insurance practices
  • Commercial trucking related injury
  • Road and Highway construction,signage and signaling



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Read More about Appellate Mediation

​Mr. Sturgess is also available for support on appeal. He is hired for everything from (i) attending an entire trial to assure appealable issues are preserved and not invited to (ii) merely reviewing a brief before submission to the appellate court for an ‘extra pair of eyes’ assessment.